Ideas @ Work: #24 NU Undergraduate Research Symposium

33 ideas big and small from Norwich students, faculty, staff, and alumni that are transforming campus and the world.
The Norwich Record

Spring 2016

What would a criminal justice system look like if we colonized Mars? How can we cure cancer? As research ideas, the questions are a bit raw. But that’s kind of the point of NUURS, a multi-day symposium designed to foster “scholarly inquiry and creative thinking” at Norwich. The brainchild of English professor Amy Woodbury Tease, the annual event encourages students to pitch their burning research questions. Fellow student and faculty scholars then offer advice on shaping those raw ideas into solid research proposals. Participants also learn more about the nuts and bolts of long-term research projects. Capturing the essence of what the program is all about, this year’s NUURS event was titled, “From Student to Scholar.”

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