Mathematics Prof. Cathy Frey Appointed to Vermont Commission on Women

November 16, 2015

Norwich University Professor of Mathematics Cathy Frey has been appointed to serve on the Vermont Commission on Women by Vermont Speaker of the House Shap Smith.

The Vermont Commission on Women (VCW) is a non-partisan state agency advancing rights and opportunities for women and girls. Sixteen volunteer commissioners and representatives from organizations concerned with women’s issues guide VCW’s public education, coalition building, and advocacy efforts.

A professor of mathematics at Norwich, Frey serves as the vice chair of the NU Faculty Senate and has taught at Norwich since 1985.

In 1991, she became both the first female associate professor of Mathematics and the first female faculty member ever tenured in the university’s Department of Mathematics. Frey broke ground again in 2001, when she became the first-ever professor of mathematics at Norwich, later serving as the first female chair of the Department of Mathematics from 2002-2006.

Following that appointment, Frey served as the first female dean of NU’s College of Mathematics and Sciences from 2006-2013.

Frey’s research interests encompass mathematics pedagogy, or teaching methods, and actuarial science, the application of mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk. She particularly enjoys creating videos and instructional modules for the web.  Under her leadership, Norwich began offering a major in Actuarial Concentration in Mathematics in 2014.

Cathy Frey was the recipient of the Vermont Women in Higher Education Jackie Gribbon’s Award for leadership in 2008.  She returns to the Vermont Commission on Women, having served two terms previously from 2006-2014.

“Cathy is an experienced and effective advocate for women’s issues and I am thrilled that she has agreed to return to the commission,” said Speaker Smith.

VCW’s Executive Director Cary Brown said: “We warmly welcome Cathy back to the commission.  She’s a great example of a trailblazer. A woman who has not only succeeded brilliantly in a traditionally male-dominated occupation, but has risen to leadership positions within that profession.”

“Cathy is a strong proponent of fairness and equity in education,” Brown added. “We know she will contribute this experience and passion to our deliberative discussions.”

 About the Vermont Commission on Women

VCW offers many services to the public, including a toll-free information and referral service at (800) 881-1561 and many publications, including the handbook The Legal Rights of Women in Vermont.


Source: Vermont Commission on Women