Norwich Partners with US Army Reserves for Cyberdefense Training

Norwich has been selected as one of six universities in the nation to develop curricula to train the cybersecurity experts of the future.
Daphne Larkin | Office of Communications

February 12, 2015

NORTHFIELD, Vt. – Norwich University has officially partnered with the United States Army Reserves (USAR) to develop cyber-education curricula that align with federal standards and cybersecurity needs.

Norwich University has been selected as one of six universities in the nation to lead a USAR public/private partnership effort, called Cyber P3, in an effort to foster the intellectual development of future leaders.

Norwich University will specifically focus on its successes as a nationally recognized cyber education Center of Excellence. The goal of the partnership will be to collaborate, develop and integrate cyber-education programs to meet the needs of the USAR into existing undergraduate and graduate courses in cyber security and information assurance.

Training Cyberwarriors

“With this partnership and cooperation, our students will learn the specific competencies needed to build and defend both privately operated networks and those under the purview of the USAR,” said Phil Susmann, director of Norwich University Applied Research Institutes and vice president of strategic partnerships.

“Our cyber course offerings will map to the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities pathways to achieve depth and breadth of cyber security education that aligns with the USAR’s need for these capabilities.”

“Our efforts will enhance the development of the skill sets necessary to defend and secure the nation’s critical cyber-based systems.”

In a partnership formalized on Tuesday, Feb. 10 on Capitol Hill, Norwich University joins the University of Washington, George Mason University, the University of Texas at San Antonio, Drexel University and the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs as six centers of cybersecurity training for the U.S. Army Reserve.

Strong Demand

“The demand for these individuals and units far outpaces the current cyber soldier and unit inventory,” said Lt Gen Jeffery Talley, Chief of the United States Army Reserve. “The GAO estimates that there is currently a need for 40,000 cybersecurity professionals just to satisfy the government’s demand. The current DoD and Army school systems do not provide the through-put or advanced skills required for the USAR, so this will be a means of resolving this issue and filling the demand.

“Each of these schools was chosen for their excellence in cybersecurity research, teaching and their experience in helping the public and private sectors address cybersecurity issues.”

“This partnership places Vermont and Norwich University squarely at the intersection of the public and private natures of our nation’s critical systems, most of which depend on cyber systems,” said Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.). “America’s online connectivity that allows the free exchange of ideas, commerce, learning, and other interactions is one of our greatest strengths and assets. Vermont is known for its citizen soldiers, and Norwich University is known for providing the education necessary for success both as community leaders and in service to nation, so who better to defend the nation’s cyber systems?”

Each school in the Cyber P3i will work with local reserve units to take reservists through a rigorous cybersecurity curriculum. This program will give the reservists the training necessary to receive foundational cyber skills and potential equivalency for cyber Military Occupational Specialty Qualification, which would enable them to become specialists in the Army. They will also have the opportunity to enroll at the schools with scholarships provided through the program and the G.I. Bill.

Long-range goals for the program will look at building cybersecurity research and training laboratories in each of the partner institutions and formalizing job-placement procedures for graduates of the program.

Norwich University is a diversified academic institution that educates traditional-age students and adults in a Corps of Cadets and as civilians. Norwich offers a broad selection of traditional and distance-learning programs culminating in Baccalaureate and Graduate Degrees. Norwich University was founded in 1819 by Captain Alden Partridge of the U.S. Army and is the oldest private military college in the United States of America. Norwich is one of our nation’s six senior military colleges and the birthplace of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC).

In fulfillment of Norwich’s mission to train and educate today’s students to be tomorrow’s global leaders and captains of industry, the Forging the Future campaign is committed to creating the best possible learning environment through state-of-the-art academics and world-class facilities. Learn more about the campaign and how to participate in the “Year of Service” here:

Photo information

David Colberg (left), representative from EMC Corporation, and Gordon Sullivan (right), chairman of the board of trustees for Norwich University, sign the statement of support signifying the beginning of the partnership with the Army Reserve to educate and employ cyber Soldiers during the Army Reserve Private Public Partnership Cyber Security Signing Ceremony held on Capitol Hill, Washington, February 10, 2015. The event hosted by Congress will establish and strengthen partnerships with top-tier universities, employers, and Army Reserve Cyber Soldiers and units. U.S. Army Photo by Staff Sgt. Shejal Pulivarti