Norwich Professor Examines Botswana’s Nation-Building Success

By David S. Westerman, PhD
Office of Academic Research

April 8, 2015

History Professor Rowly Brucken will present his findings on nation-building at the 13th International Conference on African and Latin American Studies in Lisbon, Portugal on April 16-17.

His paper, entitled “Botswana and Nation-Building Theory,” discusses which of the major theories of nation-building explains the post-independence evolution of Botswana into a multi-party democracy with a stable, prosperous capitalist economy.

The key finding of the work is that the establishment of democratic and transparent governance before the discovery of diamonds and other mineral wealth laid the basis for responsible, sustainable, and participatory economic development.

Professor Brucken’s research has been supported by a Charles A. Dana Research Fellowship and a Chase International Travel Grant. His paper will be published in the peer-reviewed conference proceedings.

About the Author: David S. Westerman, PhD, is the Charles A. Dana Professor of Geology at Norwich University and the Associate Vice President for Research in the university’s Office of Academic Research.