Norwich University establishes Peace and War Center


January 11, 2016

Norwich University has established its Peace and War Center to catalyze research, academics, internships, conferences and study or travel abroad to advance understanding of the many facets of the topic.

The goals of the center are to advance interdisciplinary knowledge for students, scholars, and practitioners on the relationship between peace and warfare at local, national, and global levels. Its primary mission is to advance scholarship and deliberation on war, broadly defined, and its mitigation.

Professor of Criminal Justice Travis Morris has been named inaugural director of the Peace and War Center.

“The center will take a multidisciplinary approach and will support research, creative works, and public presentations with the goal of considering the broad array of perspectives that relate to peace and war. The center will function as a combination of a networking organization and a collaborative space for students and faculty,” Morris said.

Morris holds a PhD from the University of Nebraska, an MS in criminal justice from Eastern Kentucky University, and a BA in criminology from Northern Illinois University. He was an infantry officer with the 10th Mountain Division, U.S. Army, and a police officer in Lexington, Ky.

Morris teaches courses in terrorism, policing, homeland security, and criminology; his research interests include violent extremist propaganda analysis, information warfare, and comparative justice systems. He has published on the relationship between policing, peacekeeping, counter-terrorism, and counter-insurgency and has conducted ethnographic research in Yemen and published on how crime intersects with formal and informal justice systems in a socio-cultural context.

Norwich University’s Peace and War Center advances scholarship and deliberation on warfare and its mitigation, processes, and conditions of peace.  The Center’s work emphasizes  research and discussion on the precipitating factors and preconditions of war and peace. In order to understand the cycles of war and peace, it is critical to examine the role of culture and language, analyze the ideological roots of turmoil, and stability, and the evolving role of technology. The Center is designed to be a multi and interdisciplinary mix of international scholars and practitioners.

The center is responsible for numerous activities already this school year including: a podcast series on leadership; two student trips; a special student session during the Fall Todd Lecture Series with presenter Secretary Madeleine Albright; and a film screening and radio broadcast panel discussion on China/US relationships, among others.

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