Norwich University Leadership & Change Institute launches six-week online professional development offering


May 2, 2017

Norwich University Leadership & Change Institute (NU LCI) has launched its first set of offerings, including a six-week online professional development course titled Leadership Challenge I. Registration for the May 29, 2017 session is now open.

The Leadership Challenge I offering is designed to help individuals hone their skills and reach their career goals by helping build their capacity to address today’s toughest leadership challenges. The offering will be delivered entirely online over a six-week period and will focus on helping individuals learn how to make a larger impact on their organization and other people, create a more agile and adaptable organization, communicate results effectively and access untapped skills in their employees. The Leadership Challenge I course includes a virtual Leadership Summit at the end of the fifth week.

In addition to the Leadership Challenge I, the Leadership & Change Institute also offers an Organizational Leadership Challenge I for employee groups who want to enhance their leadership abilities while working on their own organization’s challenges, as well as an Organizational Subscription Service with six offerings currently available and more under development.

“The NU LCI was built in response to the number one request from our university’s alumni: more Norwich leadership presence in our changing world and greater opportunities to participate in our leadership endeavors,” Executive Director, Stacie Morgan, Ph.D. said. “We have been helping organizations address their toughest leadership challenges in our on-campus Leadership Summits for over five years and are now poised to take this capability to the world.”

To learn more about the Leadership & Change Institute, visit The cost of Leadership Challenge I is $2,700.

About the Norwich University Leadership & Change Institute

The Norwich Leadership & Change Institute is a community of change leaders on a mission to pry organizational thinking, shed light on potential blind-spots, and make a difference in your life, your organization, and your results. With roots in Norwich University’s nearly 200-year legacy of developing leaders, the NU LCI is centered around developing student, alumni, individual, and organizational leadership capacity and will serve as an internal and external resource for addressing the toughest leadership challenges of today.

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