Norwich University offers exclusive access to battle sites in Normandy


January 11, 2016

Norwich University’s College of Graduate and Continuing Studies in conjunction with the National World War II Museum is leading a tour of Normandy, the site of the U.S.’s most famous WWII battle, May 15-21, 2016.

“D-Day: The Invasion of Normandy & Liberation of France,” offers a full week of touring in Normandy. This five day tour will provide exclusive access to sites unseen with other programs, along with superior accommodations in prime locations, all at a great value.

Norwich University’s Staff Rides are designed to help lifelong learners from varying backgrounds understand and appreciate historical military events by visiting actual battlefields. The goal is to explore specific battles and the decisions that commanders made on the field, and draw conclusions that can be applied in present and future contexts.

The cost to attend is $2,250, which includes hotel accommodations, some meals and ground transportation on-site; airfare is not included. Advanced registration is required, along with a $750 deposit to secure a spot. Registration is open here:

About Staff Rides:

A Staff Ride was an exercise developed by the German General Staff in the 19th century. The general staff traveled to battlefields of past campaigns to explore them on horseback or on foot. The theory was that staff officers truly understood campaigns and battles only by viewing the terrain from the perspective of the people they were studying. The U.S. Army still uses this approach as a learning tool.˜˜

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