Norwich University Partners with UK Developer of New Cyber Intelligence Tool

Daphne Larkin | Office of Communications

March 3, 2015

NORTHFIELD, Vt. – Norwich University, the oldest private military college in the U.S. and ranked second best in the country for cyber security courses and degree programs, has partnered with Silobreaker to use their online threat intelligence product in their cyber forensics classes.

Silobreaker’s cyber security product collects vast volumes of open source data from news, blogs, feeds and social media and provides the tools and visualizations for analyzing and making sense of such data. Students are able to cut through the data noise and extract meaningful and timely insights related to cyber events and the motivations behind them.

Currently used by more than 80 Norwich students, Norwich University offers the product across all their cyber security classes including Cyber Criminalistics, Cyber Investigation and Network Forensics. Students are taught how to apply Silobreaker to intelligence gathering in the context of their investigations and are required to use the technology throughout their independent research projects.

“In order to maintain our excellence in cyber security research and training, we need to stay on top of the latest emerging technologies,” said Aron Temkin, dean of the College of Professional Schools. “Silobreaker is a powerful tool that is both user-friendly and flexible enough to fit within our cyber education programs.”

“Students can get useful output quickly, and we do not have to turn a semester forensics class into a ‘How To Use Silobreaker’ session,” said Dr. Peter Stephenson, CCFP, CISSP, director of the University’s Center for Advanced Computing and Digital Forensics. “Cyber events do not occur in a vacuum. There is context around them that often is hard to see. Silobreaker solves that. It cuts through the mass of information available on the Internet and helps our students get to the meat of an issue quickly and with a variety of ways of accessing and displaying it. This is a new way to look at cyber forensics.”

Kristofer Månsson, CEO and Co-Founder of Silobreaker adds: “By offering Silobreaker as part of their studies, Norwich University is addressing the need for a more holistic approach to threat intelligence in cyber security. This partnership showcases the power of Silobreaker to provide relevant context beyond the technical parameters of a threat, hack or a new malware. Understanding the threat landscape and anticipating potential risks will unquestionably also require the analysis of geopolitics, business and world events, which often influence and prompt attacks. We are excited to continue working with Norwich University and to open up the young minds of tomorrow to the ever-evolving cyber landscape”

About Silobreaker

Silobreaker is a data analytics company specializing in cyber security and risk intelligence. The company’s products help intelligence professionals to make sense of the overwhelming amount of data available today on the web. Silobreaker collects large volumes of open source data from news, blogs, feeds and social media and provides the tools and visualizations for analyzing and contextualizing such data. Customers save time by working more efficiently through big data-sets and improve their expertise and knowledge from examining and interpreting the data more easily. For more information, please see

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