Norwich University Receives ~$10K for Dog River Conservancy


June 26, 2018

Norwich University’s Center for Global Resilience and Security (CGRS) has received $9,900 from the Lake Champlain Basin Program to establish an education and outreach program for its new initiative on the Dog River Conservancy.

The Dog River Conservancy initiative is focused on bringing together communities around the Dog River in central Vermont to promote awareness on protecting our water resources and ecosystems, while dealing with traditional pollutants, and invasive species. Work will also focus on maintaining the cultural heritage of this pristine body of water and enriching the lives of the people around it.

An important goal is to make the Dog River a field laboratory for the students of Norwich University and the nearby K-12 schools, as well as those from the Northfield, Williamstown, Roxbury, Berlin, and Montpelier communities.

“The Dog River flows through the veins of every Norwich person, even as it enriches the lives of everyone who lives, works, and recreates in and around it.

The CGRS vision for the Dog River Conservancy is a gathering of these people, their voices, and dreams, to be true stewards of the water and land,” CGRS Director Professor Tara Kulkarni said.  “We hope to capitalize on Norwich University’s hallmark leadership and experiential learning platforms and use this generous funding from the Lake Champlain Basin Program to engage our students, and neighbors, in a research-driven education and outreach effort, that allows us to share, preserve, and enhance the natural richness of this region.”

The grant money will be used to develop educational modules on the Dog River to include its historical significance, the geology of the river, its water quality over the years, geomorphology, and the impact of invasive species on the river’s meandering and on the people that live on its bank. The modules will be available online, and at local town libraries. Physical models will be held at Norwich University, with the schools and communities allowed to borrow for any events. Outcomes will include five each of the educational modules, physical models, and outreach sessions through the grant period, promoting the educational modules and the concept of the Dog River Conservancy and show its place in the Lake Champlain Basin, emphasizing the interconnectedness of water.

The Center for Global Resilience and Security (CGRS) is a Norwich University research center of excellence dedicated to the advancement of the interrelationships between human resilience and sense of security in the face of global challenges. Home of the Resilient Vermont Network, CGRS is focused on challenges in the areas of climate change, water, energy, and infrastructure and their impact on resilience and security. CGRS crafts creative, innovative, and sustainable solutions for building resilient communities, through inter-disciplinary research and design collaboration.

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