Armed With Cardboard and Duct Tape, Norwich Students Battle Like Ancient Greeks

Photo of Norwich students holding cardboard shields and wearing makeshift helmets in the style of ancient Greek Hoplite foot soldiers


Norwich University Office of Communications

November 1, 2016

This fall, Norwich undergraduates tested their mettle as ancient Greek warriors. Using cardboard shields and makeshift foam spears, they assembled on the Upper Parade ground to recreate phalanxes of the fearsome ancient foot soldiers known as Hoplites. The exercise brought together students and faculty from a variety of courses and majors: history, military studies, and studies in war in peace to test theories of how the ancient warriors may have marched and fought so effectively. Norwich students Carly Rotter and Shane O’Neil talk about their cardboard armaments, while Norwich history professors Steven Sodergren, Emily Fischer Gray, and Christine McCann discuss the battle reenactment and its value as a learning exercise.