Podcast: Norwich University 2016 Convocation Ceremony

Photo: NU International Center director Thy Yang at podium addresses unseen student body
Norwich University Office of Communications

September 5, 2016

Norwich University’s new assistant vice president for international education, Thy Yang, gave the keynote address during convocation ceremonies on August 30. Addressing students and faculty, Yang said her aim is “to have at least one, if not ten conversations with you about why you should have an international experience.” She also challenged Norwich students, particularly the Class of 2020, to meet as many people as possible. “The more different from you they are, the better.”

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Norwich Students Make Colorful Splash at Hindu Holi Festival

Students at Norwich University throw colored powered to celebrate Holi, the Hindu festival of colors and love. The March 19, 2015 event was organized by the NU Intercultural Student Organization as a fundraiser. Photographs by Mark Collier, Norwich University Office of Communications

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