Ideas @ Work: #26-28 School of Architecture + Art

33 ideas big and small from Norwich students, faculty, staff, and alumni that are transforming campus and the world.
The Norwich Record

Spring 2016

Listing all the innovative projects spilling out of Chaplin Hall would easily fill the rest of this magazine. So let’s settle for a few highlights:

26. Professor Eleanor D’Aponte continues to explore fabric-formed concrete. “The value of her work as part of the research contingent of a vanguard movement … cannot be underestimated,” says colleague Cara Armstrong. “It is radical research propositions such as hers that change how we build.”

27. Meanwhile, architecture professor Matt Lutz and instructor Stephen Kredell worked with sophomores last fall to conceive how repurposed Conex shipping containers could be used to build classrooms, health clinics, and community centers in Afghanistan.

28. And at a kickoff event last fall, senior architecture students led by architecture professor Michael Hoffman took design inspiration from The nascent architectural movement and design’s credo calls for zeroing out the carbon footprint of the built environment in the next several decades.

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