New Leadership Minor at School of Business and Management

The new minor helps students gain leadership know-how and experience through multidisciplinary academic exploration and discovery.
By Mike Kelley, PhD, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering
School of Business & Management

October 22, 2014

The leadership minor offers students a means to expand their knowledge and experience in leadership via an informally guided, multidisciplinary journey of academic exploration and discovery. Newly offered this 2014-15 academic year, the minor builds on the premise that leadership development is a core mission of Norwich University. The leadership minor focuses on building an understanding of self and others as members of teams. Taken as a whole, the minor enhances development of knowledge and skills essential in the 21st century, particularly the role of the team member; teamwork; critical thinking; ethical decision-making; mental agility; oral and written communications; planning; self-awareness, including self-assessment, self-reflection and self-regulation; and reflection on ethical standards of conduct in the professional world.

Leadership Minor Facts:

  • The NU Leadership minor is open to students of all academic majors.
  • All minor courses must be completed with a grade of C or better to earn the minor.
  • It is most beneficial if the student selects the minor prior to the start of her or his junior year to allow maximum time for personal assessment, reflection, growth and development.
  • All students in the minor will have the opportunity for informal coaching and mentoring by a member of the multidisciplinary Leadership Minor Committee and will have the opportunity to attend and participate in optional leadership development activities.

Minor Requirements:

  • Two prescribed classes, Psychology of Leadership (PY210) and Organizational Behavior (MG351).
  • The NU ethics course required for your major.
  • Two elective courses from two disciplines outside your major. They may be chosen from a broad list that includes one junior year ROTC course.
  • An integrating experience course, such as a senior year ROTC course.