Times Argus Editorial Takes Up Colby Symposium Keynote on War’s Cost

Norwich University Office of Communications

April 14, 2016

Norwich University’s 2016 Colby Military Writers’ Symposium garnered broad media coverage during its 21st annual event, a gathering that examines challenging issues while celebrating the best in military writing, authors, and ideas.

“The Story of Service,” an editorial in the central Vermont daily the Times Argus, took up the theme of the Colby’s keynote panel presentation “Going to War: The Cost to Families, Communities, and Nation.”

An excerpt:

[blockquote cite=”Times Argus” type=”left”]“After nearly 15 years of war, we have not taken stock of the way this generation of warriors has redefined our nation’s relationship with war. Thanking them for their service became the preferred way to welcome this current generation of veterans home. While it’s a nice thing to do, we as a country have never really shared the burden of their service, or yet really accepted our complicity in our military involvement around the world.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have wound down, yet our military is still deployed to more than 150 countries around the globe. We are expanding operations in Africa to meet the threat of ISIS and other terrorist organizations. Yet the cost, as has been said elsewhere, has been borne primarily by a small minority of Americans — and although Vermont has sent a relatively high proportion of its population to fight, most Vermonters were only peripherally involved.

The Colby Symposium attempts to bring writers and experts together to try to make some sense of these issues, and in doing so provides a remarkable and valuable service to Vermont.”[/blockquote]

The complete editorial is available here on the Times Argus website.

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