Creative Services

Our team is NU’s in-house creative agency. We offer decades of experience and expertise in branding and visual communications, along with a variety of resources to develop your project with effectiveness and affordability. We work with you to create compelling solutions ad results-oriented campaigns that will drive your message while keeping the Norwich brand.

How do I…

...start a project with creative services?

1.) Complete the project intake form. This form asks questions that help get your project off to a great start. It helps us understand the scope, audience, and expectations of your project and will keep us on track for success. Upon submission you will receive a reply from our office within 24 hours confirm that we received your request and it has been put in motion. A 5PM project is then created for us to communicate about the project and share files. This lets the entire team collaborate on your project as it is in process.

2.) If necessary, let’s meet to review your key message points, your target audience, and your project timetable. We can also brainstorm ideas and resources that will produce the best promotion possible. Want to request a strategy session? Let us know when you submit the intake form.

3.) With information in we can begin work on your project and inform you of the time and resources it will take to complete the job. We archive all project files electronically for future updates.

...get a the Norwich logo?

Contact us via the project intake form to request the logo. We will need to know how you intend to use it–this tells us what type of file to provide for you. Norwich has several logos with specific uses (such as the bicentennial logos) and we want to give you the right one for your needs. Do not take logos off Google image and use them! Norwich’s logos are trademarked.

What is the Minimum Required Lead Time For My Project?

That depends a lot on the size of the project. When we discuss your project with you we will build back a schedule from the due date. If the job includes printing and mailing services, we will recommend the proper time frames within that schedule. As a rule of thumb, a minimum of 10 business days is required for projects. If you are doing a mailing, or if you have multiple people involved in the approval and review process of the project, more time is required (mailings that require a service require an additional 10 business days, for a total of 20 business days’ lead time.)


To start your project we ask that you submit final, edited, approved documents to the project folder in 5PM. This means that you, your supervisor, and department head have read your doc for spelling, grammar, content accuracy. We understand that there may be changes that have to be made and that is okay. If we begin with a good work, it makes the process of getting your job done much more efficient and timely.

What We Do

  • Brand management
  • Visual concepts and campaigns
  • Business cards and letterhead (Link to the Business Card Order Form- EDITABLE)
  • Annual reports
  • Event invitations and programs
  • Posters, banners, and event displays
  • Certificates and awards
  • Magazines and newsletters
  • Brochures, postcards, appeals
  • Pocket folders and promotional items
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Email headers and graphics
  • Print and bulk mail management
  • And much more. If you have an example of a creative promotional piece that you’d like to recreate, let’s talk about it.

As committed brand stewards we integrate the established strength and attributes of the NU brand to leverage your project to the highest level possible.