Photography & Video Services

Our photographers create images that illustrate the university’s mission and tell our stories with emotion and impact. These visuals record our history, tell our story and help forge personal connections to Norwich University.

Norwich PhotoShelter is the cloud storage system for university photos.

Begin with the end in mind

Deadline: How soon do you need the images?
Scope: How many images do you need?
Subject(s): What/who are you photographing?
Source: Will you use existing photos from Photo Services’ archives or from a commercial source, such as stock photography? Do you need original photos taken specifically for your project? Can you borrow images from a nonprofit source like a museum or library?
Use: Will the image be used in a printed publication, a website, display or personal use?
Dimension and orientation: What size should the image be when it is reproduced (in inches or pixels)? Does your publication or website require certain photos to be taken in a horizontal (wider) or vertical (taller) direction?
File type: What type of digital file will you need for your project?
Resolution: What resolution is needed in DPI (dots per inch)?
Reproduction: Who will be working with the images?
Delivery: Where and how do you want the images to be delivered? Some common delivery methods are email, USB drive you supply, or server download.

Get started

Complete the form here for Photography Services requests.

About copyrights

You can’t just pull pictures from Facebook, Google, or anywhere else and use them. Many photos are copyrighted, and you need permission to use them unless you know for sure that an image is in the public domain. All Norwich photographs are protected by copyright. For additional information about Norwich photos or permissions, contact the Norwich University Office of Communications at (802) 485-2080.

Model release forms

Model release forms must be obtained from people you are photographing or videotaping (not required for Norwich students, faculty or staff). These forms are required to use their image in any medium for educational, promotional, advertising, or other purposes. For public events, releases are not required; but it is strongly encouraged that model releases are signed by all visitors, families, parents, guest lecturers etc. This form can be used for adults and for minors (must be completed by a parent or guardian of the minor). Download a Norwich Photo Relase Form. (PDF)

Filming and photography guidelines for outside vendors

Outside production companies, photographers, filmmakers, and others who want to use Norwich’s buildings and property in print, on film, or on videotape should contact the Office of Communications before starting the process of filming on Norwich property.

Use of drones and remotely piloted vehicles for photography and videography

Because of the associated safety and noise issues, the use of drones/remotely piloted vehicles above or on University property is prohibited unless proper approval is obtained. The department sponsoring the use of drones/remotely piloted vehicle must request permission and, if approved, notify both the Office of Communications and the Department of Public Safety of the date, time and location of use.

What we offer

  • News and Feature Photography
  • Connecting You with Vetted Videographers
  • Website Photos and Video
  • Social Media Photos
  • Marketing and PR Photos
  • Special Event Visual Documentation
  • Image Archives and Management
  • Portraits
  • Location Shoots
  • Studio Set-ups
  • Action and Sports Coverage
  • Architectural Images