Read This First!

This website is for internal use at Norwich University and for outside vendors for download of the Norwich University logo, style guide and fonts. More importantly, this site was built to educate these audiences on proper usage of all of these elements. If you are working with an outside vendor that is creating materials for Norwich, please send them to this site.

Now Read This!

The most important section of this website is the Norwich University Style Guide or Graphic Standards Manual. This document states all the proper guidelines for using the Norwich logo and general design standards for the university. We have already had numerous incorrect uses of the logo and wish to stop this in the future by educating people through this website.

Contact Info
Any questions or requests, such as logos or graphic styles, can be sent to Office of Communications Creative Director Kate Alberghini at

Norwich Style & Usage Guide

The Norwich University Style & Usage Guide was developed to create consistency in our media and logo usage. For logo request and usage, contact Creative Director Kate Alberghini at

This document will change and grow with time as new uses for the logo are found.

Don’t Make This Mistake

There has been one consistent incorrect use of the logo that I will outline below, this is important so listen up!

There are actually two versions of the Norwich logo; one for a lighter background (white) and one for darker backgrounds (black and maroon). See examples below:

Now look below at the incorrect use of the logo.

Can you see what is wrong with this? The designer has used the version for light backgrounds on a dark background. Patridge’s face now looks like a photo negative and is quite ominous. Do not do this!

More improper usage is outlined on page 17 of the style guide.

Request graphics

To request the Norwich logo or other image, contact Creative Director Kate Alberghini at