Graphic Standards Manual

Requesting a Logo

When you request a logo we will ask about your planned usage, who the audience is, and what format is needed. With this information we will be able to provide you with the best possible file that is on brand and accurate. NU logos are registered trademarks and legally protected.

You must contact our office before releasing any logo to an outside source. Reach out to us using our project intake form, and we will get the correct logo and the right file type to the vendor.

Click to download the NU Graphics Standards Manual.

Details About Logos

There are various types of file formats that we can provide depending on your need.

  • .ai and .eps Vector file types for high resolution print. Generally these cannot be opened or viewed unless you have the proper programs but they are generally what many outside promotion product vendors require. They generally have a transparent background.
  • .jpg          These are usually a smaller file size and are more easily viewed and placed .jpgs generally have a background and are for print or web usage.
  • .png        These are smaller file size and are used mainly for web placement. This file type does provide a transparent background.

Our Brand if More Than Just a Logo

Norwich Corporate Fonts & Corporate Color Palette 

Below are the corporate fonts of the NU brand, recognized by our target audiences as visual elements of our brand.

  • Primary: Minion Regular, Minion Bold,
  • Secondary: Myriad, Myriad Italic, Myriad Bold

Norwich faculty, staff, and students can request the corporate fonts for installation by contacting the ITS User Services Helpdesk.

Norwich Corporate Color Palette

Below are the corporate colors of the Norwich brand for print, electronic, and web utilization.
Primary palette and secondary palette:

The Norwich Logo 

Our traditional Norwich logo is used when presenting our long­-standing brand to audiences that are learning about us for the first time and where it is necessary to maintain the visual relation of the university. Examples of
when to use the traditional logo include all admissions recruitment tools, national advertising of our academic programs, and any ROTC support materials.

We have several variations of the university logo to support different applications.
The “white” versions of the traditional logos are not just a reverse of the logos.The positive/ negative is reversed as well so it is extremely important for you to contact this office for a correct file.

When appropriate, we can also supply our simple wordmark logos that are built using our corporate font and determined size relation depending on orientation.
We also have a variety of specialty logos that have been developed for very specific purposes and
are limited to use by particular groups. Examples include the university seal for use only by the Office of the President, or the Norwich University Alumni Association seal.

Athletic Logos 


Norwich has registered athletic logos. You must seek permission from the Office of Communications prior to use. We then provide proper file type. There are also logos for each varsity team that we can provide upon request.

Bicentennial Logos

Norwich has five year-themed logos for the Forging the Future bicentennial campaign as well as the overarching campaign logo. These logos are used when promoting the campaign and on commemorative, celebratory items marking our 200 years.