How to Start a Social Media Site

1. Get OK from university social media manager

If you would like to create a social media presence for your department, course, club or organization, obtain approval from the university social media manager.

2. Complete the social media registration form

Complete the social media registration form (PDF) to ensure a plan for the social media presence is in place. A copy of the completed registration form must be sent to the social media manager for university records.

3. Review social media guidelines

Review the social media guidelines (PDF) to understand what is expected of you when you manage a university social media presence.

4. ID a coordinator

Determine who will be in charge of maintaining and updating the site. Make sure this person has time to check and update the presence regularly. Also, determine who will be the back-up coordinator.

5. ID content

Pre-selecting content will help you determine which social media platform is best for your desired use. Do you want to share videos, photos, news or thoughts?

6. Create a content calendar & plan

Creating a timeline of what will be posted and when will ensure social media presences will not become stale. This calendar will also be an aid for new coordinators of how to manage the social media presence.

7. Create a management plan

Creating a plan of how the social media presence will be maintained and how administrative permissions will be passed to new account coordinators (including how administrative permissions will be removed from former faculty, staff or students) will ensure that only current university staff, faculty or students will have access to the account.

8. Get to know the social media platform

It is important to know how to use the social media platform you have chosen as a personal user and an administrative user. Having an understanding of how to use the social media platform will help you navigate technical issues, grow your presence and utilize the social media presence successfully. Visit the platform’s help section or use a search engine to help you learn about the platform. If you have questions or need help, contact the university’s social media manager.

9. Launch your social media site

Notify the social media manager that your site is active. Use the tools at your disposal to notify your targeted audience about the site. Use email, fliers, announcements or links on other web pages.

10. Maintain and monitor

Now that the presence has been launched, you will need to ensure user participation by maintaining regular posts and identifying and updating content. Inactive social media sites reflect poorly on the University and may create continuity issues. If you cannot maintain the site or it becomes inactive, delete your social media account and notify the social media manager.