Special events not only enhance the student experience on campus, they also generate publicity, build relationships, and can even lead to fundraising opportunity. A well-crafted high profile event provides a unique opportunity to involve the public or alumni on campus. It can help raise the profile of Norwich locally, regionally, nationally or internationally.

What We Offer

  • Help you take a look at your goals
  • Strategize with you to maximize campus involvement and visibility
  • Brainstorm logistics and/or operational requirements
  • Support you as you develop your message and identify key outreach.
  • Craft a communications plan with you
  • Advertise and promote the event
  • Strategize to enhance publicity and media coverage of the event
  • Design and produce creative and printed materials

How do I….

  • get started with event promotion?

Contact the Office of Communications with any details of your event. If you are early in the planning process that is fine! The more advance notice that you can provide, the better we can assist you.

  • request printed materials like posters and programs or photographer coverage?

Any creative or printed needs that your event has will be covered in our planning discussion. It’s helpful if we can learn about the “big picture” before we break off into addressing your event’s needs individually.

Lead Times

  • All events are different, but please reach out as soon as you can to let us know about your event. Because event promotion requires the entire Office of Communications team, advance notice allows us to meet your timeline while still maintaining our other obligations.

Fun Fact…

The Norwich University online calendar,,  and the road banner over Rte. 12 are all managed by the Office of Communications. All are viable tools to get the word out to the on- and off-campus community.