Video Services

Video is an important story telling tool. Norwich University works with experienced videographers who can work with you to create a video that accomplishes your goals while staying within your budget.

How do I…

…get a video made? 

To get started on a video request, please fill out the project intake form. We need to know some details about your project before we can get started. Please be sure to include the estimated length of the video and your approximate budget.

Because the Office of Communications frequently works with pre-vetted videographers, we are able to source quotes for your project and get you the best price.

…get help with story boarding and scripting?

We are happy to help story board and plan your video, and can also assist you with tips for scripting your project. Let us know that you need this assistance in the intake form.

…borrow equipment to video something myself? 

While we do have some equipment to lend, we will need to know more about your project. Contact us to let us know what you’re trying to do and we’ll let you know what we have available.

Fun Fact:

Norwich University’s NUtube, the Norwich University YouTube channel, has hundreds of videos available. The channel includes videos of Todd Lecture Series events, classroom and laboratory experiments, athletics highlights, commencement and commissioning ceremonies, the Dog River Run, skill demonstrations, and much more!